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Rice is indispensable in Sri Lanka, both as a staple food and as a significantly important part of traditional culture. As protectors of ancestral knowledge, Cha’s Organics offers a unique and authentic range of Organic Heirloom Rice from Sri Lanka, where rice cultivation on the island dates back over three millennia to 900 BCE, and ancient irrigation structures, reservoirs, and canals supporting farmlands and paddy fields are still being used today.

From creamy and satisfying textures to exquisite aromas, Cha’s Organics Heirloom Rice varieties are packed with superfood nutrients to be enjoyed with any meal. They contain higher protein and fibre, more iron, and roughly 3 to 4 times the antioxidants compared with common, hybridized rice varieties, in addition to having a reduced glycemic index. Choose from three varieties to complement a variety of dishes:

  • Pearl Rice (Hangimuttan) – Delicate mouthfeel with creamy, milky notes
  • Red Rice (Kurulu Thuda) – Nutty flavour with a satisfying firmness
  • Fragrant Rice (Suwandel) – Sweet aroma, rich flavour with a light, fluffy texture

Heirloom rice cultivation in Sri Lanka is sacred and a truly sustainable and regenerative process. Typically grown by small-holder farmer communities, many of which are women-run and use ancient methods such as rainfed water irrigation in the lowlands and planting Mee (Madhuca longifolia) trees to provide abodes for bats as natural pest management, organic heirloom rice is also grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, relying instead on organic fertilizers and soil amendments such as biochar, manure, indigenous soil microbiome cultures, and green compost derived from the biodiversity on farms and paddy fields.

Unfortunately, most of Sri Lanka’s heirloom rice has been replaced by industry-modified and engineered rice varieties called New Improved Varieties (NIV), which require chemical fertilizers and pesticides for their cultivation, risking contamination by heavy metals like lead and arsenic into waterways and the food supply. These hybridized varieties do not carry any natural resistance to harmful pests, so they demand artificial inputs due to their inorganic origins, whereas heirloom varieties have evolved over centuries to be both more drought and pest-resistant, as well as being safer for soil, farmers, and consumers.

Cha’s Organics Heirloom Rice cultivation supports regenerative organic agriculture practices to ensure soil health and pristine ecosystems free of chemical contamination, so the choices made today do not compromise the generations of tomorrow. Learn more about the amazing features and benefits Cha’s Organics Heirloom Rice has to offer and embark on a delicious journey in the discovery of ancient knowledge and culinary treasures!

Cha's Organics Heirloom Rice

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